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'Enough Said': Poster Debut for James Gandolfini's Last Major Role

This fall's "Enough Said" will mark the last feature film to feature the late actor in a lead performance.

Mel Gibson Joining 'The Expendables 3' Cast? Sly's Twitter Hints Maybe

Sylvester Stallone not-so-subtly tweets at Mel Gibson.

Tom Hardy Surprises Cancer-Stricken Super Fan with Diamonds and a Date

Tom Hardy paid a surprise visit to his dying super fan.

Introducing the New Rap Battle Champion: Bane

All that mumbled dialogue in "The Dark Knight Rises" you couldn't understand? It was actually just genius level flow.

It's Batman vs. Bane on Rival 'Everest' Movies

Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are starring in two different movies about the mighty cold mountain.

'The Dark Knight' Villains Go K-Pop

What happens when a K-POp group disguises themselves as Batman villains for a performance? Genius happens, that's what.

GALLERY: Tom Hardy Breaks Laws and Hearts

The star of "Lawless" and "The Dark Knight Rises" looks good with or without the beard (and mask).

Tom Hardy, '90s Male Model

The "Dark Knight Rises" star did his little turn on the catwalk back in the day.

Summer Movies Poll: Standout Male Star

Did Andrew Garfield impress or did Tom Hardy blow your mind?

Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon Head Down 'The Long Red Road'

Bane and General Zod join forces for the non-superhero drama based on the play by Brett C. Leonard.

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