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Tom Hanks Does 'Big' Chopsticks Scene with Sandra Bullock

More of this, please.

'Gravity' Tops 'Captain Phillips' For Box Office Crown

Nobody puts Sandra Bullock in the corner, not even Tom Hanks.

'Tom Hanks: The Movie' Introduces Captain Forrest Lovell Noland Phillips

Okay, this is pretty clever.

'Inferno' Is Tom Hanks and Ron Howard's Latest Illuminati Adventure

Dan Brown is going to need to come up with a conspiracy theory to explain his movies getting made.

Tom Hanks is America's Most Trusted Dude

Americans are totally in trust with Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks is a Real Hero in 'Captain Phillips' Trailer

Tom Hanks makes another Oscar bid as the oh-so-brave Captain Phillips.

13 Hollywood Loopers

These celebs are basically multi-generational replicas of one another.

GALLERY: Stars Gone Skinny for Movie Roles

In honor of Matthew Fox's stunning transformation in "Alex Cross," we've compiled a gallery of other stars who have shed many pounds for the part.

Tom Hanks Delivers Eulogy For Michael Clarke Duncan

Tom Hanks delivered a funny and moving eulogy in honor of his friend Michael Clarke Duncan earlier this week.

Tom Hanks as Dave Matthews? Boyd Tinsley Wants to See It

The Dave Matthews Band violinist thinks the titular front man is worthy of the Oscar-winning actor.

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