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Samuel L. Jackson Spills: Elizabeth Olsen is the 'Avengers 2' Scarlet Witch

Looks like the lesser Olsen's ditching the indie scene for some superhero action next.

'RoboCop' Trailer: The Future of American Justice

Splashy CGI and explosiony stuff galore ... but is it enough to justify the re-make?

'Oldboy' Red Band Trailer: Nothing is More Twisted Than the Truth

Spike Lee's remake of the 2003 Korean film is filled with suspense, sex and gore.

Supercut: Have a Happy Motherf***in' Mother's Day

If you've got the kinda momma that can appreciate this motherf***in' mash-up, give her an extra big box of chocolates for her big day this year.

The MTV Movie Awards vs. The Oscars: Which Was More Fun?

They both have statues aplenty, but which one brings the fun?

See Ya Probably Never, 'Tarzan'

Was it money or Jamie Foxx envy that made Warner Bros. shut it down?

'Pulp Fiction' Almost Starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Matt Dillon

"Pulp Fiction" was almost a very different film, as Quentin Tarantino originally had several... unusual casting ideas.

Samuel L. Jackson Really Wants Reporter to Say N-Word

If you're going to ask Samuel L. Jackson about the language in "Django Unchained," be prepared to actually talk to him about it.

Will Anne Hathaway or Samuel L. Jackson Win This Epic 'Sad Off'?

Prepare for a face full of frown

'Hell Yeah' Sam Jackson Would Return For More 'Star Wars'

The Man Who Was Mace Windu says he'd return as a one-armed ghost, a hologram, whatever.

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