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Our Superheroes Ranked From Least to Most Patriotic

Just how patriotic are Wolverine, Thor and Kick-Ass? Celebrate Independence Day with our 21-gun comic book movie salute.

Robert Downey Jr. Signs on to Play Iron Man in 'Avengers 2' and '3'

RDJ isn't quite done avenging yet.

This Happened: Little Kid Thought He Was Meeting Iron Man, Cried When RDJ Showed Up

Cute faux-hawked toddler expects to meet IRON MAN, but gets plain old Robert Downey Jr. instead.

Joss Whedon: No 'Avengers 2' Without Robert Downey Jr.

The writer/director of the 3rd biggest movie of all time has a few things to say.

'Iron Man 2' Déjà Vu: Scarlett Johansson Joins RDJ in 'Chef'

Tony Stark and the Black Widow are cooking up a movie.

'Iron Man 3': The Story Behind Mark Ruffalo's Top Secret Cameo

"No one could know who Robert was working with that day," he said.

Box Office Brawl: 'Iron Man 3' Outduels 'The Great Gatsby'

Billionaires Tony Stark and Jay Gatsby fought for the right to take your money.

Supercut: Here's a Three-Minute 'Iron Man' Trilogy Remix


'Iron Man 3': 7 Things You May Have Missed the First Time Around

Marvel is known for sneaking Easter eggs into their movies, and "Iron Man Three" is no exception.

'Iron Man 3' Scores Second Highest Opening EVER

Was there ever any doubt which film would win the box office this weekend? No, there was not.

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