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'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Trailer: Mutant Time Travel

Professor X and Magneto are workin' together on this one, so it MUST be for real.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are AdoraBros in Silly Hats

Our heart just grew three sizes.

This Happened: Magneto and Professor X Kick It With Elmo

This is what you get for making it through the week. You're welcome.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Posters Show Multigenerational Magneto and Professor X

Double the Professor X and Magneto, double the fun!

25 Cool Movie People Doing it Right on Twitter

Hollywood tweeters, this is how it's done.

So, It Turns Out Patrick Stewart HAS Eaten Pizza Before this Week

Patrick Stewart has his first "slice" of pizza this week, but it wasn't his first-ever taste of the treat.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to Rejoin 'X-Men'

Magneto and Professor X are back!

The 15 Most Badass Baldies in Movies

You talk a big game about your love of long-haired stars -- your Johnny Depps, your Viggo Mortensens, your Hugh Jackmans -- but there's something about a bare head that adds to the menace and allure of our favorite action stars.

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