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'Grace of Monaco' Bows Outta the Oscar Race

Sorry, Nicole Kidman. Maybe next year?

'Grace of Monaco' Trailer: Everyone's Super Into Nicole Kidman

We get it, she's regal.

Russell Crowe told Rebel Wilson to F**k Off!

Things got aca-awkward between these Aussies.

Nicole Kidman Will Make a Classy Cameo in 'Anchorman 2'

Who better to help Ron Burgundy stay classy than Nicole Kidman?

2013 Oscar Snubs: The Best of the Twitter Freakouts

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning and Twitter is hacked off, y'all.

Nicole Kidman Is One Scary Mama in the 'Stoker' Trailer

"Oldboy" director Park Chan-wook is back with a creepy new trailer featuring Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska.

Zac Efron Would Rather Be Pissed On Than Pissed Off

In Zac Efron's new movie, Nicole Kidman pees all over him. Seriously

Nicole Kidman Might Be Crowned 'Grace of Monaco'

Will Nicole Kidman snag the coveted role of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco? All signs point to oui!

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