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'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Trailer: Mutant Time Travel

Professor X and Magneto are workin' together on this one, so it MUST be for real.

Hot People Looking Hot: Nicholas Hoult Photos

No one can resist this giant-slaying zombie mutant Beast.

Box Office Report: 'Warm Bodies' Devours the Competition

The new zombie romcom "Warm Bodies" easily won the box office title this weekend.

Eff, Marry, Kill: 'Warm Bodies' Edition

A zombie, a Franco and a Malkovich: Who would you bring home to Mom?

Rob Corddry Spills the Beans (and the Brains) On 'Warm Bodies'

Rob Corddry shares the secrets of playing a zombie in this behind the scenes look at "Warm Bodies."

'Warm Bodies' First Four Minutes Revealed

Watch Nicholas Hoult explore the afterlife in the beginning of the zombie dramedy.

'Jack the Giant Slayer' Trailer: Have Fun Storming the Castle

Climb the beanstalk in the first trailer, starring Nicholas Hoult

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