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'The Town' Lines That Could Also Be Used in Affleck's Whitey Bulger Movie

And there are a few lines they could transplant right out of their last collaboration.

Matt Damon Finally Getting That Directorial Debut

Third time's a charm ... maybe.

Matt Damon Stands Up for His Bro Affleck, But Won't Play Robin

They may be BFFs in real life, but don't count on the Damon to sidekick it up with Ben Affleck in 'Batman Vs. Superman.'

'Monuments Men' Trailer: George Clooney Is Building a (Handsome) Team

Fighting the Nazis and looking great.

Matt Damon Talks About 'Elysium' and Fighting Iron Man

Two suits, one victor. Who would win?

'Elysium' and 'WALL-E' Are The Same Movie: Here's Proof

Mashing up the robot stories is one thing, but throwing Liberace's lover in there too? Slow clap.

Matt Damon Plays Charades on 'Despierta América'

The actor has some fun promoting "Elysium"... all while holding a tiny pet Chihuahua.

Matt Damon Responds to Cumberbatch Bro-Date Request

See, Benedict, dreams can come true!

5 Fangirly Things Benedict Cumberbatch Said About Matt Damon

How does Benedict Cumberbatch love thee, Matt Damon? Let us count the ways.

'Elysium' Director Wanted Eminem for Matt Damon's Role

The sci-fi actioner could've looked a lot different if 'Elysium's' director had gotten his first choice for the lead.

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