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'Tarzan' Trailer: Video Game in the Jungle?

These are definitely not the kinda graphics this gen is accustomed to.

First Tarzan, Now Kellan Lutz Is Hercules, Too

"The Twilight Saga's" Kellan Lutz has signed on to play Hercules in a new 3D extravaganza.

Kellan Lutz Is Not-So-Secret Agent Hashtag

The world's deadliest secret agent has one fatal flaw: a dangerous addiction to social media.

Kellan Lutz and Camilla Belle Ask 'Love Is All You Need?'

The "Twilight" hunk and "From Prada to Nada" beauty fall for the romantic indie drama.

Kellan Lutz Will Beat His Chest as 'Tarzan'

The "Twilight" star is headed for the jungle for a new version of the classic adventure character.

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