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The Legend of 'Anchorman 2' Continues with New Teaser Poster

Ron Burgundy is ready for his close-up.

Good Will Pooping: How Matt Damon Inspired That 'Bridesmaids' Scene

All of that pooping, vomiting and insanity may not have happened without Matt Damon.

Questions and Answers with Leslie Mann

The "This Is 40" actress tells us what it's like to have her husband tell other guys to kiss her.

Free S#!t: Enter to Win 'This Is 40' and Other Apatow Hits

Whether you're This Is 17, This Is 98 or anything in between, you're gonna love this giveaway.

'The Hobbit' Meets Box Office Expectations Once Again

"The Hobbit" easily won the box office yet again this weekend.

Judd Apatow to Sit Down With MTV for 'Pioneers' Speaker Series

Producer/director/screenwriter will sit down for wide-ranging 60-minute discussion Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET.

9 Directors Who've Told Other Men to Make Out with Their Wives

Judd Apatow, we're looking at you! Along with Mr. Kate Beckinsale, Mr. Milla Jovovich and six other tortured artistes.

'This Is Zero Dark 40': All Your Holiday Movie Needs Met In One Film

Can't pick between "This is 40" and "Zero Dark Thirty"? Now you don't have to.

Original Poster vs. Blu-ray: Ben Stiller Presents... 'Heavyweights'?

Before Ben Stiller was a Hollywood heavyweight, he played a bit part in "Heavyweights."

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