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Josh Duhamel's 2013 Oscar Picks

The "Safe Haven" star gives you his safe bets for this weekend's big awards.

Questions and Answers With Josh Duhamel

The "Safe Haven" star chatted about chick flicks, karaoke and his (surprising) first makeout movie.

Watch Josh Duhamel on 'All My Children' in 1999

Before there was "Safe Haven," there was soap heaven.

Josh Duhamel Fights 'Fire With Fire' in New Trailer

Josh Duhamel is a fireman on a mission of vengeance in the truly hot new trailer for "Fire With Fire."

Josh Duhamel Finds a 'Safe Haven' With Nicholas Sparks

Sparks has built himself a nice little romance empire, and he's about to add yet another handsome leading man to his cause

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