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Guess Who's Being Considered to Play Batman in the 'Man of Steel' Follow-Up

One of these guys *could* be the next Batman. Ya dig?

'Oldboy' Red Band Trailer: Nothing is More Twisted Than the Truth

Spike Lee's remake of the 2003 Korean film is filled with suspense, sex and gore.

The Truth Behind the Real-Life 'Gangster Squad'

The granddaughter of the real life guy at the heart of "Gangster Squad" has a few choice things to say about the movie.

Eff, Marry, Kill: 'Gangster Squad' Edition

There comes a time in every girl's life when she must decide which hard-bitten-yet-handsome gentleman from an upcoming cop drama she'd most like to take home to Mom and Dad. (Isn't there?) Now that the Jan. 11 release date of "Gangster Squad" is upon us, it's time to make the call: Is it Nick NolteGet more »

Casting Roundup: Ryder, Brolin and McBride Get the Gigs

Winona Ryder, Josh Brolin, Danny McBride, Joel Kinnaman and Lindy Booth all scored new roles this week.

Summer Movies Poll: Standout Male Star

Did Andrew Garfield impress or did Tom Hardy blow your mind?

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