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'The Frozen Ground' Trailer Covers The Same Ground Again

Serial killers killing serially. Ho hum.

'The Butler' Trailer is Here to Serve You

The true story of a man who served eight presidents and watched history happen with a front row seat. So, yeah, bring tissues.

The Many Looks of John Cusack

John's flabbergasted! Now he's serious. Now he's delighted. Now he's ...

John Cusack Crunches the 'Numbers Station' in New Trailer

John Cusack and Malin Akerman try to save the world from the tyranny of math in "The Numbers Station."

Is a 'Hot Tub Time Machine' Sequel Heating Up?

But hold the phone: Is John Cusack bailing out?

John Cusack Is... Rush Limbaugh?

According to reports, John Cusack is in talks to play right wing demagogue Rush Limbaugh in an upcoming biopic.

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