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Harrison Ford Joins 'The Expendables 3,' Stallone Slams Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is now expendable to Stallone. Ouch.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Start Date, Fake Title Revealed?

New reports corroborate rumored August start date. Plus Disney's "Blue Harvest"-esque sneaky title...

Harrison Ford's Comic-Con Experience In 6 Snarky Comments

The 71-year-old got sassy at Comic-Con.

Harrison Ford Believes J.J. Abrams Can Deliver 'Star Wars'

Han Solo heartily approves of the new captain of the franchise.

LGBT Group Plans 'Ender's Game' Boycott

Geeks Out working to expose 'Ender's Game' authors anti-gay views.

Are These Famous Movie Presidents Democrats or Republicans?

We determine the political affiliation of some of the most popular movie presidents.

Liam Hemsworth Discovers 'Paranoia' Strikes Deep In New Trailer

Liam Hemsworth faces off against three Oscar nominees in "Paranoia." No pressure, dude.

'Ender's Game' Trailer: Battle School Is in Session

Whoa. Did they just give away the ending to 'Ender's Game' in this first teaser trailer?

Awesome 'Empire Strikes Back' Set Photos Unearthed

Judging by these stellar photos, the set of 'Star Wars: Episode V' was pretty funky.

Watch Harrison Ford Chew Out Chewbacca

"She was my wife!"

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