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J.Law's Getting a Two-Time Reunion with 'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross

Ross left the dystopian franchise to do some new stuff, but he's bringing his Katniss along with.

'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross Might Tackle 'Houdini' Next

Ross is in negotiations to direct "Houdini," an adaptation of the William Kalush and Larry Sloman 2006 biography "The Secret Life of Houdini, The Making of America's First Superhero"

'The Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross Pulls Out of 'Catching Fire'

After several days of negotiations with Lionsgate, Gary Ross has officially exited the "Hunger Games" franchise.

'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross Aiming For More 'Catching Fire' Cash

Ross may have openly said he's "committed" to helm the second movie in the franchise but when it comes to showbiz, money really does all the walking

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