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Daniel Radcliffe Confirms He Won't Bring the Magic to the New 'Harry Potter' Pic

Okay, yeah, we kinda expected that but it's still a total bummer.

'Kill Your Darlings' Trailer: Beat Gen Poets Gone Wild

Even heroes of American literature sometimes have a few skeletons lying around.

Drunk Ron Weasley/Simon Pegg Wishes Harry Potter Happy Birthday

Happy hangover to you, too.

'This Is the End' Only Happened Because Of Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson might have one helluva cameo in 'This is the End,' but it was Daniel Radcliffe who had a bigger impact on the comedy.

Yes, Master! Daniel Radcliffe Is Igor in 'Frankenstein'

We're now picturing a hunchbacked Harry Potter scurrying around with bubbling test tubes.

Daniel Radcliffe On His Gay Sex Scenes: What's The Big Deal?

Daniel Radcliffe talked to MTV about his "controversial" new role in the Sundance film "Kill Your Darlings."

The Year in Facial Hair: Our 12 Favorite 'Staches and Beards of 2012

The best beards of the beardiest year.

Daniel Radcliffe Has 'Horns' has the first look at the "Harry Potter" star in the screen adaptation of Joe Hill's horror novel.

The 25 Coolest People in Movies

Here are the 25 actors we'd really just like to sit down and have a beer with

The Post-Potter Roles of Our Favorite Wizards and Witches

We've decided to check in on all the Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs to see just what they're up to now that the Harry Potter franchise is but a memory

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