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The 4 LOLiest Quotes of the New 'American Hustle' Trailer

Bizarre? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes.

Christian Bale's 'Batman Begins' Audition is Just as Amazing as You'd Expect

Must. Watch. Now.

'American Hustle' Trailer: Bouffants and Gold Chains and J-Law, Oh My!

The first look at David O. Russell's latest is so '70s it almost hurts -- hurts so good.

'Out of the Furnace' Trailer: Christian Bale (Not Batman) to the Rescue

First look boasts violence, tattoos and hot people.

Bat Bummer: Christian Bale Won't Be In 'Justice League'

Screenwriter David Goyer splits the DC Universe in half.

It's Batman vs. Bane on Rival 'Everest' Movies

Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are starring in two different movies about the mighty cold mountain.

'The Dark Knight' Trilogy, in 3 Minutes

A quick primer for the poor souls who haven't spent much quality time with The Bat.

Batman Unmasked: See Bruce Wayne's True Face

If you've ever wondered what the picture on Bruce Wayne's driver's license looks like, we have the definitive answer.

The Year in Facial Hair: Our 12 Favorite 'Staches and Beards of 2012

The best beards of the beardiest year.

Batman and Hawkeye Team Up In New David O. Russell Film

Christian Bale has signed on to appear opposite Jeremy Renner in David O. Russell's latest movie.

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