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'Thor: The Dark World' Dominates Box Office

Really, what else did you expect?

Guess Who Hulk Hogan Wants to Star as Him in a Movie?

Yep, there's a biopic in the works, and Hulky's got a heavyweight actor in mind for the part.

'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer: Thereeee's Loki

... and he still cannot be trusted.

'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer: Hammer Time

He's back, and he doesn't appear to have gotten a haircut in all this time.

You'll Get A 'Rush' Out of Chris Hemsworth's New Trailer

Chris Hemsworth gets fast and furious in the trailer for the racing drama "Rush."

Chris Hemsworth and Michael Mann Will Cyber-Thrill You

The "Thor" star and "Public Enemies" director team up for a new action film.

The Year in Facial Hair: Our 12 Favorite 'Staches and Beards of 2012

The best beards of the beardiest year.

GALLERY: Chris Hemsworth - Soldier, Huntsman and Superhero

The "Red Dawn" star is scary hot, with or without his hammer.

Chris Hemsworth Is a Kid in a 'Candy Store'

The once and future "Thor" has signed on to star in Stephen Gaghan's crime thriller.

Can Thor and Catwoman Save Us from the 'Robopocalypse?'

Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway are in talks to headline Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse."

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