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'Magic Mike 2': Channing All Over Jamie Foxx's Tatum?

They blew up some s**t together, and now Tatum wants Foxx to come bare it all for his stripper sequel.

'21 Jump Street' Sequel Will Be Brie-Free, Says Larson

Hey, Ladies! Jonah Hill's love interest will not return for "22 Jump Street."

'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' DVD Sneak Peek: Channing Tatum In Your House

Explosions and hot people galore.

25 Cool Movie People Doing it Right on Twitter

Hollywood tweeters, this is how it's done.

'White House Down': Active Military and Veterans Offered Free Tickets July 4th

What are you doing this Independence Day?

'Monsters University' Withstands the Box Office 'Heat'

Pixar's latest just edged out Melissa McCarthy's new buddy comedy.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: 'White House Down' Is a Party

The actress talks about her new action film and director Roland Emmerich's need to destroy everything.

'White House Down' Sequel: Channing Tatum Protects His Cheese Grits

We wouldn't be at all surprised if Tatum knows that this is a more original and interesting plot than the real movie.

How Often Does Channing Tatum Watch Porn?

Face it – you've been dying to know.

Joey King Has a Secret Handshake With Channing Tatum and It's Called 'The Chanshake'

The 13-year-old plays daddy's little girl to new father Channing Tatum in Roland Emmerich's latest actioner, "White House Down."

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