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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Trailer: Just a Man and His Lobby Boy

Although it does kinda sound like they're saying Mommyboy, which is exponentially funnier.

Bill Murray: Worst Movie Kisser Ever? You Decide

Let's make out, Bill Murray! Oh, wait, on second thought ...

'Monuments Men' Trailer: George Clooney Is Building a (Handsome) Team

Fighting the Nazis and looking great.

Let's Talk About 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Wanna kinda sorta know what 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' will be about? See if you can sort this info out!

Bill Murray Makes Greatest Letterman Entrance EVER!

Gives new meaning to the term "captive audience"…

The 38 Roles for Which Bill Murray Was Snubbed by the Oscars

Talk about injustice! Murray's been snubbed 38 times - will "Hyde Park on Hudson" lighten the blow?

Eff, Marry, Kill: Bill Murray Edition

Deciding how you like your steak (if you even eat steak) is one thing. Deciding how you like your Bill Murray? Well, that's quite another

Bill Murray Books a Role at 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Angela Lansbury also signs on to Wes Anderson's latest bit of cinematic whimsy.

The 25 Coolest People in Movies

Here are the 25 actors we'd really just like to sit down and have a beer with

Bill Murray Praises 'St. Vincent De Van Nuys'

The "Moonrise Kingdom" star signs up to play the mentor in the coming-of-age comedy.

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