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'The Town' Lines That Could Also Be Used in Affleck's Whitey Bulger Movie

And there are a few lines they could transplant right out of their last collaboration.

Ben Affleck Defends Batman Casting: 'I Handle S**t'

Hey internet, Ben Affleck's avoiding you.

Hugh Jackman Sends Up Bat Signal of Support for Ben Affleck

"He's just going to crush it."

Bryan Cranston Shoots Down Lex Luthor Rumors: 'News to Me'

Looks great bald? Check. Cast in the "Man of Steel" sequel? Nope.

5 Reasons Kevin Smith Totally Supports the Batfleck

Another one of Ben Affleck's oldest chums is sticking up for him as the Caped Crusader.

Matt Damon Finally Getting That Directorial Debut

Third time's a charm ... maybe.

Matt Damon Stands Up for His Bro Affleck, But Won't Play Robin

They may be BFFs in real life, but don't count on the Damon to sidekick it up with Ben Affleck in 'Batman Vs. Superman.'

Ben Affleck Is Batman

The Caped Crusader, at last.

The Top 2 Afflecks of All Time

You won't believe who made our list.

'Gone Girl' Finds Its Girl in Rosamund Pike

Three more join the suspense adaptation, and now get to guesstimate who's playing who.

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