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Hot People Looking Hot: Ashley Greene Photos

The "CBGB" starlet looks rock star hot in all of these photos.

'CBGB' Trailer: '50,000 Bands and 1 Disgusting Bathroom'

Hope you like lots of musician impressions.

Eff, Marry, Kill: 'Twilight' Girls Edition

Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed: Who would you...

Ashley Greene Teases Secret Scene in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

Alice Cullen may or may not know about a secret scene in the last "Twilight" movie that may or may not exist.

5 Questions With 'The Apparition' Star Ashley Greene

On the cusp of kicking off the next chapter of her career, Greene sat down with us to answer a few questions about her upcoming projects and what it's like working with someone from that other mega-hit, "Harry Potter."

Ashley Greene Ready to Rock in 'CBGB'

Ashley Greene has set aside her fangs for a chance at rock glory in "CBGB."

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