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'Transformers 4' Gets Dinobot-Suggestive Poster and Title

Something's going extinct, but Michael Bay hopes it ain't this franchise.

'Transformers 4' Gets All Explosiony in Faux Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Detroit ... what the diff?

Hot Wheels: Check Out Bumblebee's 'Transformers 4' Tune-Up

Bumblebee got one helluvan upgrade for 'Transformers 4.'

T.J. Miller Transforms Into Action Star With 'Transformers 4' Role

The star of several NextMovie viral clips has joined the cast of "Transformers 4." Booyah.

'Transformers 4' Taps Kelsey Grammer as a Baddie

Good old Frasier'll be breaking bad for Michael Bay's fourth 'Transformers' installment.

Questions and Answers From Tribeca: Jack Reynor

The future "Transformers" star talks Dracula, Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg's torso.

'Transformers 4' Reality Show Gives Chinese a Chance to Star

Paramount Pictures wants to scoop up all the yuans.

'Transformers 4' Gets the Tucci Touch

For some reason, the great Stanley Tucci has joined 'Transformers 4.'

Nicola Peltz Will Be the Next 'Transformers' Girl

Fresh new eye candy for the 'Transformers' fan boys ...

Meet New 'Transformers 4' Beouf-Cake Jack Reynor

According to Michael Bay, he's "an Irish kid that came to America with 30 bucks in his pocket."

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