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Questions and Answers With Stephenie Meyer

The "Twilight" author and "Austenland" producer tells us about the "odd, scary sort of power" that she has.

5 Things You Will Not See at Comic-Con This Year

With all the goings-on scheduled for this year's SDCC, this list of what will NOT be there is pretty handy.

Questions and Answers With Nikki Reed

The "Twilight" star talks Edward and Jacob, "Thirteen," low maintenance plants and moving forward.

12 Cheesiest Quotes from 'The Twilight Saga' ... in Meme Form

Some lines from the films just had us cringing

Robert Pattinson's Official Score Card: Tallying His On-Screen Lovers

How many lovely ladies (and gentlemen) has R.Pattz done the deed with onscreen? Wonder no more, horndogs...

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