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Ain't Them Grammar Atrocious: 10 Copy Edited Movie Posters

English 101 is in session, movie poster makers.

Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Wolverine' & More

Also "Blue Jasmine," "The To Do List" and the way of the samurai.

Questions and Answers With Aubrey Plaza

"The To Do List" star dishes: "But you know, there's just semen on my hand, and that's just, that's weird."

5 Movies Aubrey Plaza Should Remake

Yes, only five. For now.

Proof That Aubrey Plaza Was Born to Play 'Daria'

You're standing on my neck, Plaza.

The 12 Ballsiest Movie Publicity Stunts

Yes, Sacha Baron Cohen made the list ... twice.

'The To Do List' Stars Learned New Sex Positions While Filming

Find out what Aubrey Plaza & co. had to say about filming the raunchy, coming-of-age sex comedy.

'To Do List' Exclusive Clip: Partyin' On a Monday

Aubrey Plaza meets Bill Hader for the first time in this exclusive clip released at Comic-Con.

5 Fantastic Indies to Get You Through a Rough July

Tired of the same ol' same ol' explosion-tastic summer movies? These five indies will get you through the dog days.

New 'The To Do List' Red Band Trailer: F-Bombs, Implied Nudity and Trapper Keepers

"The To Do List" red band trailer reiterates how awkward 1993 was.

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