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J.Law's Getting a Two-Time Reunion with 'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross

Ross left the dystopian franchise to do some new stuff, but he's bringing his Katniss along with.

WTF? Real 'Hunger Games' Camp Encouraged Kids to Fight to the 'Death'

Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be tributes.

Stars Test Their Sci-fi Knowledge in 'Geeks Or Poseurs?' The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Edition

Don't know your sci-fi stats? Neither does Harrison Ford.

'Catching Fire' Heats Up with Shirtless Muscle Man Pic

The boy is on fiyaaaaaaah...

New 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Posters: Tiiiiight Costumes

These new posters have character -- er, characters. Eleven of them, in fact.

How Many Times A Day Does Josh Hutcherson Cry?

Josh Hutcherson is a certified Sensitive Guy.

The 25 Best Movies of 2012

From moving dramas and unforgettable indies to shockingly worthy comedies and actually super superhero blockbusters, Team NextMovie really had a difficult time narrowing down our 25 favorite flicks of the year

10 Movie-Related Budget Gifts for Broke Asses

We've rounded up 10 awesome gifts for movielovers that come in under $20. You're welcome

The 50 Must-Have Movie-Related Gifts of 2012

A "Star Trek" oven mitt? It's in here. "Lord of the Rings" cufflinks? Check. The chance to sit on Ryan Gosling's face? That too. In other words, get clickin'.

Hobbits Play 'Hunger Games': Second Breakfast Isn't an Option

If hobbits were tributes in the Hunger Games, it might look like this spoof trailer.

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