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Even Darth Vader Didn't Like the 'Star Wars' Prequel Trilogy

The O.D.V. wasn't down with I, II and III.

Desert Dune Threatens Famed 'Star Wars' Tatooine Set

Mother Nature challenges the childhood home of Anakin Skywalker.

'Star Wars' Elevator Prank: Jedi Jesters Use The Force to Open Doors

Well, that's one way to really impress (and also really annoy) people...

HOO-AH! Al Pacino Was Almost Han Solo in 'Star Wars'

Al Pacino reveals he turned down the role of Han Solo because he didn't understand the script

Had a First Name, Yoda Did

You're never gonna believe what George Lucas originally wanted to call Yoda.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Without C-3PO? Not Bloody Likely

Anthony Daniels has hinted that he may be back for "Star Wars: Episode VII."

Sounds Like Chewbacca, Isn't

Whiny kitty or Wookiee? You might be surprised.

Dark Jedi Disney Princesses Won't Take Your Sith Anymore

Sith and tired of being pushed around.

Star Wars: Episode '80s High School

Party on, Darth (Vader)!

Piece It All Together with the Star Wars Family Tree

It's the ancestry behind Star Wars!

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