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'Star Trek 3' Producer Puts the Brakes on J.J. Abrams Return News

It looks like Zach Quinto was just making sh*t up when he said 'Star Trek 3' would film next year with director J.J. Abrams back behind the lens.

'Doctor Who' Wants to Play in the 'Stars' with J.J. Abrams

'Doctor Who,' er, Matt Smith totally wants to play space games with J.J. Abrams in 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' (he's not picky... either one'd be fine).

Zachary Quinto: 'Star Trek 3' Filming to Start Next Year...With J.J. Abrams?!

Okay, either someone's totally misinformed or J.J. Abrams is officially a wizard.

Damon Lindelof Sorry for Alice Eve 'Star Trek' Underoo Scene

'Star Trek Into Darkness' writer Damon Lindelof apologized for that 'gratuitous' bra scene, but it may actually have a point. You mad?

Spock and Spock Prime Show Down at Last

Trekkies > Super Bowl for Audi and Spock Prime > Spock.

Mashup: Here is 'Space Lincoln' Because Sure, Why Not?

What happens when you combine "Star Trek" and "Lincoln"? Magic.

A Very Confused Mark Wahlberg Turned Down 'Star Trek'

Mark Wahlberg couldn't understand the script for 'Star Trek,' so he turned down a part in it to keep on making movies like 'Broken City.' Even he knows that was a mistake.

J.J. Abrams to Direct 'Star Wars: Episode VII': Report

An anonymous source says Abrams will helm "Episode VII."

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