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'Gossip Girl' Stars on the Big Screen: Who Does It Best?

Eventually every show comes to an end, which is why we thought it high-time to rank "Gossip Girl" stars' careers on the big screen.

New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Brave' and More

New this week: "Brave," "Savages," "The Watch" and the Blu-ray debut of "Lawrence of Arabia."

Only Complete 'Savages' Wouldn't Love Our Latest Blu-ray Giveaway

We're giving away five copies of the new "Savages" Blu-ray, so get ready to rumble, y'all.

Summer Movies Poll: Biggest Surprise

Which summer movie surprised you most?

Summer Movies Poll: Standout Female Star

Did Anne Hathaway surprise you? Did Charlize Theron scare you? Vote now!

GALLERY: Celebrities Become 'Savages' at Hollywood Premiere

Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek embraced their primal instincts on the red carpet.

Taylor Kitsch: Sex (Scenes) With Blake Lively Were 'Very Awkward'

Apparently beautiful people get nervous too.

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