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Staff Picks: Kase Wickman's Top 10 Movies of 2012

NextMovie staffer Kase Wickman breaks down her favorites of the year.

The 10 Most Criminally Underseen Movies of 2012

Here's a rundown of the great films that you didn't see this year.

The 25 Best Movies of 2012

From moving dramas and unforgettable indies to shockingly worthy comedies and actually super superhero blockbusters, Team NextMovie really had a difficult time narrowing down our 25 favorite flicks of the year

Summer Movies Poll: Best Indie

What was your favorite indie movie of the summer?

Summer Movies Poll: Best Comedy

Which had you cracking up this summer: "Ted," "The Dictator," "The Campaign," "Moonrise Kingdom" or "Safety Not Guaranteed?"

'Safety Not Guaranteed' Will Time-Travel Its Way Into Your Heart

No other Sundance film this year could match the ingenuity and freshness of "Safety Not Guaranteed," a movie that came of nowhere to win the hearts of festivalgoers and critics.

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