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'Prometheus 2' Gets A New Writer, Thank Jeebus

it might not be better than "Prometheus," but if not, at least it will be differently bad.

Damon Lindelof Dishes on 'Prometheus 2'

Damon Lindelof has decided to clear the air about his involvement in "Prometheus" and "Prometheus 2."

Ridley Scott's Next Big Project: YouTube

Ridley Scott is teaming up with Machinima to produce 12 new sci-fi shorts for YouTube.

'Prometheus 2:' Well, It Can't Be as Disappointing as the First One, Right?

"Prometheus" star Noomi Rapace has revealed that Ridley Scott is hard at work on a script for "Prometheus 2."

The 10 Best Trailers of 2012

We've got the ten best trailers of 2012 right here for your viewing enjoyment.

My Favorite Movie: Logan Marshall-Green

The "Prometheus" star fills us in on his favorite flick

Our 'Prometheus' Blu-ray Giveaway Is Otherworldly

We're giving away three copies of the "Prometheus" Blu-ray combo pack.

Summer Movies Poll: Biggest Disappointment

Which summer movie did you find most disappointing?

Summer Movies Poll: Standout Female Star

Did Anne Hathaway surprise you? Did Charlize Theron scare you? Vote now!

What Did Fassbender Say to the Engineer in 'Prometheus'? Now We Know

The end of "Prometheus revealed, so *SPOILERS* y'all!

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