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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Conjuring' and More

Also new this week: "The Internship," "Only God Forgives" and "Before Midnight."

Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Conjuring' & More

Also "Only God Forgives," two from Mary-Louise Parker and a "Robotech" invasion.

Ryan Gosling Characters You DON'T Want to Say 'Hey' To You

That "Hey Girl" meme is all fun and games until you run into Ryan Gosling's darker characters.

Ryan Gosling: 'Only God Forgives' is Like a Video Game

The actor says his new film is like a video game.

Gosbook: The Ryan Gosling Loner Friend-o-Meter

We've tallied the very few number of friends perennial loner Ryan Gosling has had in 12 of his films.

Ryan Gosling Unleashes Hell in 2 'Only God Forgives' Trailers

Here are two -- yes, two -- new NSFW looks at the latest Gosling/Refn freak-out team-up.

Ryan Gosling Wants to Fight in 'Only God Forgives' Red Band Trailer

Ryan Gosling reunites with his "Drive" director for the Bangkok-set crime thriller.

'Only God Forgives' Those Who Do Not Watch This Teaser

Ryan Gosling beats the holy hell out of some dudes in the first teaser for "Only God Forgives."

Hey Ryan Gosling, What Happened to Your Face?

You know how Ryan Gosling's always saving people from bar fights and stuff? Well, it looks like it's time he save himself

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