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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Brave' and More

New this week: "Brave," "Savages," "The Watch" and the Blu-ray debut of "Lawrence of Arabia."

Summer Movies Poll: Worst Movie

What was the worst movie this summer?

'The Watch' Red Band Outtakes Put the Comedy in Sci-Fi

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade bring the NSFW on-set antics to your neighborhood.

Before They Were Famous: Vince Vaughn on '21 Jump Street'

We broke into the vault and found the star of "The Watch" making a one-episode appearance on the Fox television show starring Johnny Depp.

GALLERY: Famous Earthlings at 'The Watch' Premiere

Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and other brave celebs kept the red carpet safe from alien invasion.

Ill-Timed Ben Stiller Comedy Renamed 'The Watch'

FOX is trying to put as much distance between this raunchy alien-invasion comedy and the Trayvon Martin tragedy in Florida...

Summer Movies Poll: Funniest Comedy

Which summer comedy -- "Neighborhood Watch," "Ted," "That's My Boy," "The Campaign" or "The Dictator" -- will be the funniest of 2012?

The Whole Neighborhood Is Watching the 'Neighborhood Watch' Trailer

Criminals better look out, because there are four new sheriffs in town -- and if the trailer for "Neighborhood Watch" is any indication, they're going to take back suburbia one neatly trimmed hedge at a time.

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