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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Monsters University' and More

Also new this week: "R.I.P.D." and "Byzantium."

'Monsters University' Withstands the Box Office 'Heat'

Pixar's latest just edged out Melissa McCarthy's new buddy comedy.

'Monsters University' Bags $82 Million

Pixar has done it again.

Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'World War Z' & More

Also 'Monsters University' and a salute to James Gandolfini.

'Monsters University': Billy Crystal's Grandkids Only Want to Talk to Mike Wazowski

Not everyone is impressed by Billy Crystal. Mike Wazowski, on the other hand...

6 Classic Monsters as Pixar Monsters

In honor of "Monsters University," we imagined what classic monsters like Dracula and The Wolf Man might look like as Pixar creations.

June Movie Math: It All Adds Up

Whether it's "The Bling Ring," "Man of Steel" or something totally different, June has a movie for you.

The 30 Movies You Need to Know About This Summer

Iron Man, Wolverine, Superman and Hit-Girl are suiting up and the AC is pumping as studios trot out their big guns.

'Monsters University' Enrolls Several Prominent New Students

Pixar has announced the voice cast for "Monsters University" and there are some big names involved.

'Monsters University' Clip Brings Out the Squeals

Mike and Sulley chase down a monster pig (yep) in this first clip from 'Monsters University.'

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