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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Men in Black 3' and More

New this week: "Men in Black 3," "Lawless," "ParaNorman," "Sparkle" and "Step Up Revolution."

Summer Movies Poll: Biggest Surprise

Which summer movie surprised you most?

Summer Movies Poll: Best Action

Which got your heart racing: "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Avengers," "The Expendables 2," "The Bourne Legacy?"

Summer Movies Poll: Standout Male Star

Did Andrew Garfield impress or did Tom Hardy blow your mind?

Sony Suits Up For 'MiB 4' and Wants to Play More 'Jumanji'

The studio has both "Men in Black 4" and a reboot of the 1995 fantasy film in the works.

Box Office Shakeup: 'Men in Black 3' Dethrones 'The Avengers'

"Men in Black 3" earned $55 million at the box office this weekend, finally knocking "The Avengers" out of the top spot.

'Men in Black III' Has Some Serious(ly Alien) Style

A cool suit, a killer pair of shades and some sharp shoes are the key touchstones of the agents of "Men in Black III," but that's not the only awesome style being rocked

Q&A: Makeup Artist Rick Baker on His 'MIB3' Cameo and His Favorite Creature Ever

"Men in Black 3" creature designer Rick Baker talks about the sequel's new aliens -- some of which are retro-looking for the film's 1969 time-travel sequence.

GALLERY: Earthlings Converge on 'MiB 3' Premiere

Will Smith (and family), Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and many more were on hand to protect us from the scum of the universe.

Bargain Alert! Get Six Amazing Minutes Of 'Spider-Man' With 'MIB3'

A new hunk of footage precedes all IMAX 3-D showings of the new Will Smith outing

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