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See Ohio State Marching Band's Amazing Movie-Themed Halftime Routine

It's a bird, it's a plane ... oh wait, it's just the Ohio State marching band owning everybody with their movie-themed routine.

Bryan Cranston Shoots Down Lex Luthor Rumors: 'News to Me'

Looks great bald? Check. Cast in the "Man of Steel" sequel? Nope.

Guess Who's Being Considered to Play Batman in the 'Man of Steel' Follow-Up

One of these guys *could* be the next Batman. Ya dig?

These Silhouettes Capture the Origins of Your Favorite Superheroes

California-based artist Khoa Ho illustrates Batman, Superman and Spidey alongside their human counterparts.

'Batman' and 'Superman' Movie Might Just Have a Name Already

What will this mysterious 'Man of Steel' sequel be called: 'Batman vs Superman' or 'Superman vs Batman?' And does it even matter?

Henry Cavill: 'I Know Nothing About Man of Steel 2'

The boy in blue (and red) is remaining tight-lipped on the sequel, though one of his co-stars thinks it's "going to happen."

5 Things You Will Not See at Comic-Con This Year

With all the goings-on scheduled for this year's SDCC, this list of what will NOT be there is pretty handy.

Russell Crowe Signs On to Imaginary 'Man of Steel' Prequel

According to Crowe, people are really clamoring for this one.

Henry Cavill Hopes 'Justice League' Movie Is 'Not Right Away'

Henry Cavill says "I'm handsome" and then "Justice League not coming soon."

'Monsters University' Bags $82 Million

Pixar has done it again.

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