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Sharon Stone Wants Everyone to Get Naked

Just a little actress-to-actress advice from the lady whose 'parts' are just about as famous as her face.

Weekly Movie Math: From Porn to Planes

This week's new releases, broken down into simple arithmetic.

Questions and Answers With Adam Brody

The "Lovelace" star talks porn, Sea World and life after "The O.C."

'Lovelace' Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Sucks (Get It?)

Seyfried steps in for Lilo as 70s porn star. Plus: James Franco as Hugh Hefner!

James Franco Brings Sex to Sundance (On Film)

Franco discusses the taboos surrounding his three sex-filled films, "Lovelace," "Kink" and "Interior. Leather Bar."

Chloe Sevigny Gives 'Lovelace' Some Big Love

Chloe Sevigny is about to give some big love to "Deep Throat" in the new Linda Lovelace biography "Lovelace."

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