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The 10 Worst Movies of 2012

It may have been a great year for movies, but there were still ample clunkers

GALLERY: The Hottest Movie Photos of 2012

From Kate Upton in "The Three Stooges" to the gents of "Magic Mike," here are the pics that sent us running for the theaters this year

Enter for the Chance to Win a 'John Carter' Blu-ray Prize Pack

The giveaway you've waited 100 years for is here as we're giving away three amazing "John Carter" prize packs.

'Shawn Carter Of Mars' Justifies John Carter's Thug

An unauthorized Jay-Z remix of Disney's "John Carter" with a bit more swag

'John Carter' Inspires Us to Accessorize

While the inhabitants of "John Carter" showed off oodles of bare skin (no complaints here!), we were mesmerized by the incredible jewelry worn by Martian princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) and thought John Carter's (Taylor Kitsch) leather harnesses could make for some pretty rockin' belts

Q&A: Lynn Collins Brings Otherworldly Insight (and Beauty) to 'John Carter'

The stunning female lead of the mega-budget sci-fi flick explains what was normal - and what was totally alien - for her in Mars

Taylor Kitsch Talks Injuries, Diets and Slaying Giant Apes

Taylor Kitsch has plenty to talk about this year, what with three new blockbuster on the horizon, and he's begun spilling the beans starting with this Friday's sci-fi epic "John Carter.

GALLERY: 'John Carter' Inspires Us to Get Buff & Shirtless ... Photos, That Is

It may be could outside, but it's sure nice and cozy-warm here at NextMovie ... and we have "John Carter" to thank for it

My Luck Changes When Taylor Kitsch Is Around

The rain didn't bode well for Lauren's chances of meeting the "John Carter" star, but the guy might just be a good luck charm

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