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The 50 Must-Have Movie-Related Gifts of 2012

A "Star Trek" oven mitt? It's in here. "Lord of the Rings" cufflinks? Check. The chance to sit on Ryan Gosling's face? That too. In other words, get clickin'.

The 20 Best #RejectedBondTitles on Twitter

Thanks to the evil wizardry that is the Twitterverse,we learned that the James Bond film titles could've been worse ... much, much worse.

Steven Spielberg: I'll Never Direct a James Bond Movie

The Oscar-winning director was denied when he once asked to direct a 007 pic

James Bond Is Really a Geek

007 shows little glimpses of hardcore nerdery you'd think wouldn't exist from a guy more prone to play baccarat than Warcraft

In Awesome, Open-Minded News: Idris Elba Could Be the Next James Bond

Former "Wire" star might get his turn at tuxedos, yachts and the most famous name around.

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