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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Flight' and More

New this week: "Flight," "Alex Cross," "Celeste and Jesse Forever" and the Blu-ray debut of "Cabaret."

9 Movies That Should Be Banned From Airplanes

These flicks have no place flying the friendly skies.

Seat Backs and Tray Tables Are Upright For 3 'Flight' Clips

Pilot Denzel Washington saves dozens of passengers with a brilliant maneuver

10 Awesome Things Denzel Washington Has Saved in Movies

An airplane full of people? That's just ONE thing Denzel has rescued in his films.

30 Must-See Fall Movies

From Hobbits to 007, we run down all the hottest tickets of the fall season

Denzel Washington Takes 'Flight' in New Trailer

Denzel Washington puts on his hero hat in the new trailer for "Flight."

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