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David Cronenberg, I Didn't Make You Diss 'The Dark Knight'

David Cronenberg's backtracking on his controversial remarks about "The Dark Knight." But I was there when he made them.

New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Looper' and More

New this week: "Looper," "Cosmopolis" and "School of Rock" as a Blu-ray non-exclusive.

GALLERY: Robert Pattinson Touches His Hair

The "Twilight" hottie's red carpet quirk may result in premature baldness (and, clearly, that would be a cryin' shame)

Robert Pattinson's Official Score Card: Tallying His On-Screen Lovers

How many lovely ladies (and gentlemen) has R.Pattz done the deed with onscreen? Wonder no more, horndogs...

Head For 'Cosmopolis' with MTV First: Robert Pattinson

Watch R.Pattz introduce an exclusive clip from the film and engage in a 30-minute interview on MTV First.

Q&A: Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Plumb the Depths of 'Cosmopolis'

We talked to Cronenberg and Pattinson about their relationship to die-hard Twi-Hards and more.

Jon Stewart Enlists Ben & Jerry to Get Robert Pattinson to Dish

The "Daily Show" host attempts to get R.Pattz to talk about Kristen Stewart by handing him a pint of Ben & Jerry's

GALLERY: 'Twilight' Stars Moonlighting in Other Movies

In celebration of Kristen Stewart's second franchise bid, we take a look at what all of the "Twilight" kids have been up to since first making their mark on modern pop culture not too long ago.

R.Pattz Gets Cronenbergian For Freaky Photo Shoot

Robert Pattinson recreates scenes from "Videodrome," "Dead Ringers" and "Scanners" for Premiere France.

Robert Pattinson Gets Kinky In Crazy-Ass 'Cosmopolis' Trailer

Before he was just a sparkly emo vampire. Now R.Pattz is a hyper-decadent rich dude humping and shooting everything in sight during the 30-seconds of bonkers bliss that is the "Cosmopolis" teaser trailer.

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