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Matt Damon Finally Getting That Directorial Debut

Third time's a charm ... maybe.

Iran to Affleck: 'Bengo F**k Yourself'

"Saturday Night Live" delivered a very special message to host Ben Affleck from the nation of Iran.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea, Three If (Directed) By Affleck

Where's Ben Affleck Argo-ing next? To "Bunker Hill"!

Iran Wants to Sue Hollywood Over 'Argo'

Iranian officials are incensed over the "unrealistic portrayal" of the country in Ben Affleck's film.

'Argo,' 'Life of Pi' Win Big at 2013 Oscars

The 2013 Academy Awards take place this evening and we've got all the results right here, as they happen.

Wee Actors Take On The Nominees In 'Kids Oscars!'

Five Best Picture Oscar Nominees receive the full toddler treatment in this adorable clip.

Puppies Take a Bite Out of This Year's Best Picture Race

Feast on this Best Picture Oscar prediction bowl... with puppies!

Josh Duhamel's 2013 Oscar Picks

The "Safe Haven" star gives you his safe bets for this weekend's big awards.

2013 Oscar Predictions: Now With Every Category (Even the Shorts!)

You're looking for 2013 Oscar predictions in every category. We're making 2013 Oscar predictions in every category. We all win.

New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Argo' and More

New this week: "Argo," "Sinister," "Anna Karenina" and "Top Gun" on Blu-ray 3D.

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