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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Warm Bodies' and More

Also "A Good Day to Die Hard," "Identity Thief" and the "Mad Max" trilogy on Blu-ray.

'Die Hard' Kills Softly at the Box Office

"A Good Day to Die Hard" barely held off the competition at the cineplex this weekend.

John McClane Near-Deaths in the 'Die Hard' Movies: A Complete History

Over the course of the first four films in the "Die Hard" franchise, John McClane almost died 68 total times. Here they all are, by movie and method.

Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'Die Hard' & More

Also "Beautiful Creatures," Bill Hicks and a birthday Strip-O-Gram for George Washington.

Life-Size Chocolate Mold of John McClane is Sweet

For Valentine's Day, how 'bout you get your sweetie one of these badass John McClane chocolate molds?

It's 'A Good Clay to Die Hard'...Get It? It's Claymation 'Die Hard'!

But can you actually die if you're made of clay? Is it hard?

'Die Hard'...the Musical?

John McClane: Tenor.

February Movie Math: It All Adds Up to What You Want to See

Don't know what to see this month? We do the math for you.

New 'A Good Day to Die Hard' Trailer Showcases Russian Hospitality

John McClane takes his son out for a nice fun day at an explosion factory.

Today Is a 'Good Day' to Watch a 'Die Hard' Teaser Trailer

The first trailer "A Good Day to Die Hard" features Bruce Willis being both a badass and a wiseass.

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