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9 Suggestions For the Next Big Movie Craze

World War Z Paramount

"World War Z" has been unleashed and with it comes the end of everything.

That is, in terms of zombie movies. After all, with bestselling novels , comic books, video games, hit TV shows and dozens of huge blockbusters, this zombie craze has pretty much run its course. You know, once you do a rom-com with zombies ("Warm Bodies," anyone?) they've pretty much lost their edge. Get More »

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The Zombie Rules for Swimming in a Blood Pool

Capcom Capcom

If you're going to have a swimming pool full of blood, there've gotta be a few rules, ya know?

Over in the U.K. (which basically explains everything about this story right off) some weird chaps will be celebrating the release of the latest Resident Evil video game by taking a dip in a pool of blood-colored water.

And attendants won't just be seeing red when this all goes down, either; human torso floats, intestine-shaped lane markers, zombie lifeguards and a "freshly killed human corpse" diving board will also be prepared for the day, and participants can retrieve some vials of anti-virus serum from the bottom and then dry off with blood-spattered towels. Talk about some killer theme commitment.  Get More »

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The 15 Most Ridiculous Zombie Movies

It's somewhat only appropriate that there are a lot — a lot — of zombie movies, as there are usually a lot of zombies (they tend to travel in hordes, ya know). For better and worse, the overcrowded (or is it overrun?) genre probably has at least ten times as many absurd installments as it does classics like "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead."

And why not, really? Zombie movies are fun and cheap to make and they make themselves right at home in any scenario, whether it be in the 'hood or on a plane or in Nazi Germany or the halls of a high school.

Peruse our collection of some of the greatest examples of cinematic zombie foolishness. And keep in mind that this is probably only the beginning.

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'World War Z' Meets Super Bowl XLVII

Sports fans, and football fans in general, enjoy using war metaphors to describe the action. But this year, the Super Bowl is going to take things to new heights thanks to the release of the first television teaser for Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie epic "World War Z."

Forget sacking the quarterback — how about eating his brain instead?
Get More »

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Hot Zombies Looking Hot

You think zombies are disgusting, frightening nightmare-fodder. Sure, but did you know they can also be super sexy?

What's that? You don't believe us? Well, fine then. Watch Nicholas Hoult smolder in "Warm Bodies," in theaters tomorrow ... or just flip through this gallery and see for yourself.

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Questions and Answers With Dave Franco

Getty Images

You may best know Dave Franco as "James Franco's little brother," but it's time to move beyond that. Though Franco shares his sib's chiseled features and surname, Dave's out to make a name for himself. Between a hilarious turn as a cool kid-turned-con in "21 Jump Street" and his most recent role as a gun-toting tough guy in the post-zombie apocalypse rom-com "Warm Bodies," in theaters this weekend, there's a new Franco on the block, in a big way.

"It's all been going somewhat smoothly, so don't f*ck it up," Franco told NextMovie during a recent interview to promote his new zombie rom-com. Beyond that helpful advice, Franco also spoke to us about his zombie survival strategy, playing drunk and the status of the "21 Jump Street" sequel. Get More »

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11 Photos of Zombies Quietly Judging You

Warm Zombies Summit

Sometimes that unapproving stare is more powerful than any bite to the brain.

We've got nothing but respect for "Warm Bodies" if only because it attempts to tell a love story featuring a damn zombie. That's quite the ambitious undertaking, as zombies are hard to love with their constant lumbering about and stinking up the place and trying to eat you and all that. Not our idea of romance, at least not during waking hours. (...) Get More »

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'Warm Bodies' First Four Minutes Revealed

"I'm lonely, I'm lost," Nicholas Hoult, as an angsty, undead young adult, laments. Then: "I'm literally lost. I've never been to this part of the airport before."

That's the tone of "Warm Bodies," the Jonathan Levine-directed zombie dramedy starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, slated for a Feb. 1 release, the first four minutes of which has hit the web courtesy of Fandango. Get More »

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Behold the Accelerating Zombie Gif Wall!

Zombies! They're the most terrifying undead creatures around (and definitely the grossest), because they won't talk to you, they barely resemble their human selves, and you sure can't reason with them. All they want to do is catch you and eat your braaaaaains.

Prep for Halloween with our gif wall (via Rich Juzwiak) of zombies doing what they do best: coming to get you. They may be dead, but dude, those suckers can move. Get More »

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'Twilight' Gone Zombie?! Enter to Win Zombie-fied Movie Posters


It's a little known fact: Zombies love movies.

Sure, most people think the only thing zombies enjoy is eating brains, but even the walking dead can appreciate a good movie. And now, thanks to the folks over at Neatorama, you can get in on the zombie movie love yourself with one of their brand new zombie-themed movie posters, absolutely free.

Are you ready for "Twilight" zombies?

That's just one of the four new zombie posters we're giving away to lucky fans. Simply enter our new giveaway and specify which undead film classic you'd like to sport on your wall. Then, once all the entries have been collected, we'll select one winner for each poster. It's a process so simple even a zombie can understand it. Here are your choices: Get More »

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