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The 15 Most Ridiculous Zombie Movies

It's somewhat only appropriate that there are a lot — a lot — of zombie movies, as there are usually a lot of zombies (they tend to travel in hordes, ya know). For better and worse, the overcrowded (or is it overrun?) genre probably has at least ten times as many absurd installments as it does classics like "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead."

And why not, really? Zombie movies are fun and cheap to make and they make themselves right at home in any scenario, whether it be in the 'hood or on a plane or in Nazi Germany or the halls of a high school.

Peruse our collection of some of the greatest examples of cinematic zombie foolishness. And keep in mind that this is probably only the beginning.

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'World War Z' Meets Super Bowl XLVII

Sports fans, and football fans in general, enjoy using war metaphors to describe the action. But this year, the Super Bowl is going to take things to new heights thanks to the release of the first television teaser for Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie epic "World War Z."

Forget sacking the quarterback — how about eating his brain instead?
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Questions and Answers With Dave Franco

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You may best know Dave Franco as "James Franco's little brother," but it's time to move beyond that. Though Franco shares his sib's chiseled features and surname, Dave's out to make a name for himself. Between a hilarious turn as a cool kid-turned-con in "21 Jump Street" and his most recent role as a gun-toting tough guy in the post-zombie apocalypse rom-com "Warm Bodies," in theaters this weekend, there's a new Franco on the block, in a big way.

"It's all been going somewhat smoothly, so don't f*ck it up," Franco told NextMovie during a recent interview to promote his new zombie rom-com. Beyond that helpful advice, Franco also spoke to us about his zombie survival strategy, playing drunk and the status of the "21 Jump Street" sequel. Get More »

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