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Fanboy Fantasy: The Women of 'The Expendables 3'


This weekend I'm getting a sixpack of antifreeze and duffel bag filled with raw ground beef and going to see "The Expendables 2."

I'm certain I enjoyed the first one (it's a bit of a haze) and if my crumpling into manly tears at the mere sight of the new one's outdoor ads is any indication, I'll have a blast yet again. One thing we must ask, however. Whither the chicks?

I say with full respect and courtesy to the fairer sex, why have you not been included in this battle royale of badassery? Yes, there are some women in the film - Yu Nan will play an agent named Maggie, Charisma Carpenter is back as Statham's g.f. and someone named Amanda Ooms is on hand to give the film some oomph - but where are the female equivalents of the Expendables? Where are the Expendablettes?

If I were in charge of everything (as I will be, eventually) here's who I'd add to the team for "The Expendables 3." Get More »

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9 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

Relativity Media

If you thought Uma Thurman killed it as The Bride in "Kill Bill," just wait till you get a load of MMA superstar Gina Carano in "Haywire" (out this Friday).

In the Steven Soderbergh ("Contagion")-directed spy thriller, Carano plays Mallory Kane, a freelance covert operative, who gets double-crossed by her employer and sets out to clear her name.

As a first-timer, Carano turns in a surprisingly stellar performance. What she hits out of the ballpark, though, are the film's many action sequences, where Carano -- who did all her own stunts -- gets to let loose and do what does best: fight.

In honor of Carano's ass-kicking in "Haywire," we've rounded up the top nine actors who perform their own stunts. Some might surprise you. Get More »

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