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James Gandolfini's 5 Least Tony-Like Roles

The Mexican DreamWorks

James Gandolfini was taken from us too soon — way too soon — at the relatively young age of 51.

Gandolfini was arguably best known for his role as Tony Soprano, the troubled head of an East Coast Mafia family, on the HBO series, "The Sopranos," which ran for six seasons from 1999-2007. The show was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series every year it was eligible, winning in both 2004 and 2007. Gandolfini was nominated six times for Outstanding Lead Actor and won thrice.

Gandolfini was excellent in the part, though his successful film career allowed him to show off his remarkable range and remind us that there was a lot more to this guy from Jersey than just, well, a guy from Jersey. Here are his most decidedly un-Tony-ish movie roles. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and More

The Hobbit New Line

This week: Peter Jackson returns to Middle-earth with "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," the first of three movies based on the classic fantasy novel "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien, which features Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and Ian McKellen reprising his role as the wizard Gandalf from "The Lord of the Rings."

Also new this week is Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty," the musical "Les Miserables," the Judd Apatow dramedy "This Is 40" and the pitch-black comedy "Bachelorette." Get More »

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'Zero Dark Thirty' Spoof: The Search for Obama

Zero Dark Thirty Extended Cut - watch more funny videos

In this "extended cut" from "Zero Dark Thirty," we're given an insight into what happened before the military unit that eventually captured and killed Osama Bin Laden actually got the job done. As it turns out, there were a lot of homemade sound effects, including the ol' "clip clop." And baiting name-changes. And, oh yes, an adorable puppy. It's true: "Everyone likes a puppy."

Would you have guessed that the guys hot on the trail of America's most wanted terrorist were actually talking baseball cards and pizza toppings? Probably not, if you've seen the flick. And, obviously, Jessica Chastain's hardass CIA agent, Maya, would never have let this sh*t fly, which is why it's a Funny Or Die original instead of the real thing.

Not that we wouldn't watch. We'd totally watch.


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'Zero Dark Thirty' Gets the Rom-Com Treatment

Jessica Chastain frolicking on the beach with Osama Bin Laden? Sounds like the stuff of fever dreams, but the gang at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" produced a recut trailer for "Zero Dark Thirty" called "Zero Dark Flirty" that asks what happens when Chastain's Maya, a love-hungry CIA agent, goes on the hunt for "the one" ("the one" being the world's most dangerous terrorist, natch). Get More »

Jessica Chastain Looks a Lot Like Lena Dunham In This Lost 'Zero Dark Thirty' Audition

Jessica Chastain sure pulled out the big guns in her riveting performance in last year's Oscar-nominated thriller, "Zero Dark Thirty." As tough-as-nails CIA agent Maya, on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, this terrorist-hunting genius stops at nothing to smoke America's most hated terrorist out of his hole, and a damn good job she does. Get More »

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Oscar Nominees with the Wrong Director: So Wrong It's Right

Finding the right director for their movie is one of the biggest and most important challenges studios face. After all, the director shapes every aspect of the film, from the story to the cinematography to the cast. And if you do manage to get the right director, the reward can often be measured in Oscar nominations.

But if you get the wrong director? Well, that can be measured too — in YouTube parodies.

Say hello to Oscar Nominees with the Wrong Director. Get More »

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Post-Oscar Shocker: The Senate Also Snubs 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Zero Dark Thirty Sony Pictures

Just one day after "Zero Dark Thirty" was completely shut out at the Academy Awards, another august body of stuffed shirts has also decided to completely ignore the acclaimed Kathryn Bigelow film: Congress.

Yes, according to Reuters, the Senate Intelligence Committee — otherwise known as the Department of Ultimate Oxymorons — has dropped their threatened investigation into whether or not classified information about the hunt for Osama bin Laden was provided to Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal.

Still no word yet on whether their investigation into the death of Adam Sandler's career will continue or not. Get More »

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Wee Actors Take On The Nominees In 'Kids Oscars!'

When you get down to it, the art of filmmaking is really nothing more than one big game of pretend (albeit one with millions upon millions of dollars in production and marketing budgets propelling the whole endeavor). Underscoring that point, the skilled child-wranglers over at Official Comedy have successfully recast 5 of the 9 Best Picture Oscar nominees with a gaggle of thespian tots to create "Kids Oscars!" "Zero Dark Thirty," "Argo," "Lincoln," "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and "Django Unchained" (what, no amour for  "Amour"?) all receive the full toddler treatment, complete with adorable prop appearances by two plush horse-heads on sticks, at least four fake beards and an oversized Kangol hat for mini-Tarantino.

Does "Kids Oscars!" serve as a warts-and-all commentary on the egos of Hollywood’s A-list, or just an excuse to get a tiny spinning actress to perfectly sum up Mary Todd Lincoln in six accurate/adorable words? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

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Jessica Chastain Goes Catfishing in 'Zero Dark Catfish'

2012 breakout and 2013 Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain has already built a towering career in cinema, giving us reasons to love her in "The Help," lead her to safety in "Mama," and give her a standing ovation in "Zero Dark Thirty." But what if Chastain's character in "Zero Dark Thirty" searched high and low for America's Most Hated Terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, with the help of that dude from "Catfish"? That would be hilarious, right? Get More »

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2013 Oscar Predictions: Now With Every Category (Even the Shorts!)

Argo Warner Bros.

Updated Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Okay folks, it's crunch time. Have you submitted your Oscar ballot yet? There's big money on the line (at least a hundy we hope, right?).

As we do every year on NextMovie, we're handicapping the Oscar races to give you a leg up on your friends, family and coworkers when entering your high-stakes pool, which as we all know is as much about the glory as the greenbacks (freaking Al from finance still hasn't gotten that smirk off of his face for calling Cotillard over Christie in 2008; get over yourself, Al).

Our usual disclaimers: We do not condone gambling, unless you're in Vegas or on a reservation. Good luck!

(And for  a trusty second opinion, check out Joe Reid's Oscar predictions on

Get More »

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