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Jason Statham Is a Rootin' Tootin' Bandit in 'Parker' Trailer


Ready to see Hollywood's resident tough guy Jason Statham kick even more ass? Good, cause ya know, there's just not enough of that these days.

The first trailer for Statham's latest violence romp, "Parker," has just dropped. In addition to presenting the gun-toting, fierce zinger-ringing Statham we all know and love so well, he's also pulling a bit of a "Robin Hood" act in the feature ... with himself as the beneficiary, of course.

Statham's Parker is an ethical thief who's got two rules: "don't steal from people who can't afford it" and "don't hurt people who don't deserve it." Get More »

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Bunk To Play King: B.B. King Story to Star Pierce and Fugit

Wendell Pierce
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This history of America is littered with real stories begging to be told about real people.

Next up: Legendary bluesman B.B. King.

"Treme" star Wendell Pierce is set to take on the big star in "B.B. King & I," based on the true story about a drummer who attends a concert by the legendary bluesman and the pair end up becoming lifelong friends.

"Almost Famous" star Patrick Fugit will be picking up the drumsticks. Get More »

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