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9 Movie Families You Wouldn't Want to Spend Thanksgiving With

The Shining Warner Bros.

Ah, Thanksgiving: the time of year we pause, count our blessings and enjoy time with the family try not to murder our loved ones.

While it's true that most of us go into this holiday with only the best of intentions, it seems few of us escape the sit-down dinner with our nearest and dearest unscathed. Uncle Rick had too many cocktails. Mom forgot to turn on the oven. Someone threw the raw turkey through a picture window. Okay, maybe that's less common than we'd like to think. Get More »

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Ezra Miller Comes Out as 'Queer'

Getty Images

Ezra Miller is who he is. And he's a "queer." (His words, not ours.)

The 19-year-old breakout star from last year's "We Need to Talk About Kevin" and co-star of the upcoming "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," didn't hold anything back during his interview for the September issue of Out magazine. Get More »

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Tilda Swinton Shares on Oscar, Not So Much on the Super Bowl

Lauren Cox

It was a pretty slow week here in fan girl world, and after a Drew Barrymore snub at "Good Morning America," I was sure there would be any new encounters this week.

Then I heard that Tilda Swinton would be on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and decided to try my luck there, all the while getting a chance to show my support for "We Need to Talk About Kevin," which gets a wide release starting today. "The Daily Show" is usually a sure thing but the seemingly never ending rain had me a bit nervous nonetheless.

Upon her arrival, Swinton ran in, admitting she was late and promising to stop for everyone on her way out. Sure enough, the actress is a woman of her word. Get More »

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Wanna Make 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Scarier? Just Add Culkin


"We Need to Talk About Kevin" is a harrowing look at the nurturing of a burgeoning psychopath, but it just seems like there's an edge missing.

Arrows and caustic fluids are scary, but they pale in comparison to Christmas ornament booby traps that set your head on fire. For real mayhem, there is only one young master: "Home Alone"'s Kevin McAllister. Get More »

Tilda Swinton Needs 'to Talk About Kitten'

BBC Film/Oscilloscope

Forget that kid Kevin; Tilda Swinton has a bigger problem on her hands — a teeny tiny kitten. Sure, it looks sweet, but isn't that part of the danger?

In a play on the "We Need to Talk About Kevin" trailer, this little kitty cat has an agenda, and it does not include basking in the sun, licking itself or playing with string. OK, maybe playing with string. But only after it kills you wins your heart.

Can Tilda handle the pressure of the pet? Check it out, courtesy of The Frisky, to see for yourself. Suddenly Buster missing the wee wee pad (again) won't seem like such a big deal. Get More »

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Tilda Swinton's Got a Psycho Son in 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'

We Need to Talk About Kevin
BBC Films/Oscilloscope

"We Need to Talk About Kevin" could easily tie with the new "Twilight" film for most effective form of cinematic birth control this year. The psychological thriller rests firmly on Oscar winner Tilda Swinton’s steady shoulders as she suspects the worst about her son -- that he could be an evil, dangerous sociopath.

To put it lightly, Kevin isn’t your typical 15-year old. Ezra Miller is cold as ice as Kevin, who collects computer viruses instead of stamps, excels in archery, challenges everyone who crosses him, and plays games like “Christmas Kidnapping” with his sweet-as-pie little sister. During one memorable dinner scene, Kevin predicts precisely how the evening’s mother-son bonding will unfold. He is at once brilliant, detached, and blunt. Get More »

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Next Factor: Ezra Miller of 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'

Ezra Miller
Getty Images

Ezra Miller seems to have the market cornered on troubled and troublemaking teens on the indie movie scene, ever since appearing in 2008's "Afterschool." His career, however, is about to power up with the release of critical darling "We Need to Talk About Kevin," starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly as the parents of a terrifying tot turned Columbine-style killer -- played by Miller, natch. Get More »

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