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Sequel Subtitles: Can We Just Bring Back Numbers, Please?

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When Marvel unveiled its surprise announcement at the end of its lengthy panel at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, it felt like something of an anticlimax, and not just because Tom Hiddleston had just been on stage moments earlier in fully Loki regalia (wouldn't have been more exciting if he had come out dressed as his character from "War Horse?") Joss Whedon, the balding, brilliant whiz behind the $1 billion-grossing "Avengers," trotted out on stage in what appeared to be hand-me-down sneakers, to announce the title of the "Avengers" sequel, due in theaters in 2015. The movie would be called "The Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Uh what?

For those who were not born with a lifetime subscription to Starlog Magazine, the puzzlement sent in almost immediately. Who (or what) is Ultron? Why is this a whole "Age?" How long is this movie supposed to be? For those of us who own a complete set of limited edition "Battlestar Galactica" commemorative plates and can name all of the different jaegers in "Pacific Rim," there were even more questions: Is this based on the recent Brian Michael Bendis-scripted comic book series (that shares the same name)? And wasn't Ultron, an evil robot overlord, developed by Hank Pym aka Ant Man, but doesn't the "Ant Man" movie come out after the movie formerly known as "Avengers 2?" Get More »

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9 Animal Movies to Make You Weep

Finding Nemo

Sad movies exist in every genre. Romance is obviously full of weepers, and plenty of dramas have enjoyed yanking your heart out and showing it to you as you stagger out of the theater. Even an action or sports movie can reduce the tough to tears if done right. ("Field of Dreams," anyone?)

But there's one little genre that seems hellbent on making us cry, and that's animal movies. They're fiendishly clever about it, too, luring you in with promises of being child-friendly, heartwarming and fun before killing off a fuzzy protagonist or two. They're worse than horror movies, because at least horror is honest about the body count. Get More »

GALLERY: Awkward Family Photos in Movies

Since the dawn of time, people with nothing in common and zero to say to each other have been coexisting in homes against their will. We call this a "family." But it wasn't until the invention of the camera that every uneasy hug and forced smile between these disparate souls could be preserved eternally.

Thanks to the hilarious website Awkward Family Photos, these embarrassing moments are now available for the entire world to mock. And with Tim Burton set to release "Dark Shadows" (May 11), a gothic comedy about a frighteningly dysfunctional family, we're opening up our own photo album of movies' most motley clans.

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'War Horse,' 'We Bought a Zoo' and More

War Horse

This week: Steven Spielberg is known for marrying sentimentality with epic drama, and that tradition continues with "War Horse," a movie set during World War I about the special relationship between a man and his loyal horse, and their struggle to reunite against all odds.

Also new are Matt Damon in "We Bought a Zoo," the documentary "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey" and the Blu-ray debuts of "Madonna: Truth or Dare" and "Chinatown."

Get More »

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AWWWW! Little Kids Reenact The Oscar Nominees


Have you ever pondered what every Oscar-nominated film would be like if it were performed by kindergarteners? Was that just us?

No it wasn't, and we have the video to prove it! The folks at Jest have rounded up some of the most adorkable elementary schoolers this side of Charlie Brown and had them reenact all the 2012 Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture including "The Help," "War Horse," and "Midnight in Paris," the latter of which includes a mini-sized (literally) Woody Allen cameo. Get More »

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2012 Oscar Predictions: Our Official Academy Awards Picks

The Artist The Weinstein Co.

Updated Feb. 23, 2012.

Here's some inside intel for casual movie fans contemplating their Oscar predictions: By the time the Academy Awards roll around, we know who's going to win in pretty much every major category.

Sure, there can be surprises and the occasional too-close-to-call race, but after so many other award functions play out in the lead-up to Oscar night, from the Critics Choice to the Golden Globes to the all the guild gatherings, patterns emerge and some favorites appear unbeatable.

That's why if you're about to head to Vegas (Editor's note: NextMovie does not condone gambling, unless you're sharing …) and lay down some scratch on "The Artist" winning Best Picture, the rewards, at this point, won't be too tempting. Get More »

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Best Picture Nominees Explained, in Infographics


Some of the Oscar noms for Best Picture have some of us scratching our heads ("War Horse"… really?), which is why we're thrilled that some person with too much time on their hands genius put together infographics to help explain these critics' darlings.

From pie charts about what "The Descendants"' George Clooney looks like in a Hawaiian shirt (with a segment marked as a "Trader Joe's cashier"), to how the powers-that-be make "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"'s Sandra Bullock seem Jewish (frizzy hair dominates), to a bar graph revealing all the places "The Artist" thinks it's OK to bring your dog (suicide den included!), these visual aids prove as informative as they are inspired. Get More »

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The 2012 Best Picture Nominees Recast With Dogs

The Yelp

It's a dog's world, and we're just living in it.

We had a lot of fun recasting favorite movies with cats, but obviously, we weren't about to ignore our canine friends. Because dogs are awesome. In fact, dog lovers are reveling in the cultural moment right now, what with adorable dog du jour Uggie stealing practically every scene in "The Artist."

So this week, with the help of Old Red Jalopy, NextMovie's gone to the dogs: We've recast all nine Academy Awards Best Picture nominees with dogs in the starring roles. We dare say, some of them look even more interesting than the originals.

Get More »

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GALLERY: 2012 Oscar Nominees

The 2012 Oscar nominations have been announced, with the usual mix of odds-on favorites and long-shot shockers.

Not so much a "words" person as a "pictures" person? Want to see what Glenn Close looks like as a man? Need to find out who this Demián Bichir fellow (nominated as Best Actor for "A Better Life") actually is? Get your eyes and your clicking finger ready and browse through our gallery of 2012's Oscar-nominated movies and actors.

More on the 2012 Academy Awards Nominations:


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9 Rejected 2012 Oscar Campaign Posters

War Horse

Now that the Golden Globes are over, we're officially in the thick of Oscars season. Which means that studios are putting on the full-court publicity press for films they want to earn coveted Oscar nominations (announced January 24).

Industry magazines like Variety are brimming with "For Your Consideration" ads touting the usual suspects, including those who won Golden Globes last Sunday.

But what about those potential nominees and angles that aren't quite so obvious? We're rooting for you, Mike Vogel in "The Help"! And even "Jack and Jill" has its Oscars champion ... somewhere.

With the help of our friend Old Red Jalopy, we've unearthed nine, shall we say, "unorthodox" Oscar campaign posters you might have missed.

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